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14 / 05 / 2024
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Digunakan untuk membuat sistem penagihan listrik PrabayarCocok untuk dipasang di mall, apartemen, asrama, Pusat perbelanjaan untuk penagihan tenantsudah banyak dipasang di PLN sehingga secara kualitas tidak diragukan lagi.Fitur anti tampering lengkap sesuai standar PLNSpesifikasi Pengukuran:· Class1.0 accuracy· Three element four quadrant· Compliance with IEC 62052-11,62053-21, 62053-23· Import/Export kWh, kvarh and kVAh· PhaseA, B, C & Total· Power: kW, kvar, kVA· True RMS Voltage (3 phase)· True RMS Current (3 phase), neutral current· Power factor(per phase and total)· Frequency, PhaseAnglesVoltage & Power Supply· Nominal Voltage: 100V – 240V (phase to neutral)· Operating Limit: 85V – 290V (phase to neutral)· Frequency: 50/60HzPower Quality Indication· Unbalance· Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)· Fundamental Voltage, Current and Active Power(optional)· Up to 32th harmonics (optional)Prepayment· 20 digit encryption STS· Open relay automatically if credit run out· Up to 99 two digit short code for customer to operateand get meter information· LED indication and Buzzer for Low credit alarm,programmable alarm thresholds(in kWh) and buzzerdelay setting (in Minutes)through keypad· Power and current overload control and Configurablelimit· Prepaid mode and credit/postpaid mode· Open relay automatically if power outageLCD display· Large 7-Segment LCD Display, easy for reading· LCD with backlight display· Default display balance· Display readable without main powerTime Clock & Calendar· Accuracy within 15 Seconds per Month at 23˚C· Backup Time of 2Years without Power (LithiumBattery)· Internal Crystal Timing· Support Gregorian CalendarsLoad profile· AMI ready· Up to 16 channels· 3072K bytes available in total· Intervals programmable from 5 to 60 minutes· Energy date, Instantaneous value, THDLoad control· Up to 80A, 100 A and 120A(optional)· Over load control with fixed logic· Programmable power limit and current limitAnti-tamper· Open meter cover· Open terminal cover· Bypass· Reverse current· Reversed phase sequence· Reversed polarity· Loss phase· Neutral line cut off· Magnetic interference(500mT)· Open relay automatically if tamperingData storage· Up to 50 grid event log (include power off, unbalanceand overload)· Up to 50 tampering log· Up to 100 recharge token and credit· Up to 50 engineering token· Up to 12 history month billing dataBattery Options· Internal rechargeable super capacitor (48h)· Replaceable external battery· Internal battery (optional)Communications· Optical with IEC62056-21 (E mode)· RJ45 port with DLMS/HDLC
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